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My name is Paola, I was born in Buenos Aires and after 27 year,  life showed me the way to the island of Lanzarote. I live here since 2003, an island full of the energy of volcanoes, the freshness of the sea and the beauty of its landscapes … as the moon.

I have my first contact with yoga in 2007 in the island of Gran Canariain and I loved it from the first class. I always played sports, but to start with this discipline was something totally different and far from what I had been doing. I am a person with a nature of strength and breathing was something that I was not very concert abaout . And I start to notice that breathing consciuly was very important.

So..yoga brought to me all that coordination of breating and movment, whats makes me feel balance in all sense.  Fisically and mentally. I started with Hatha Yoga, and then watching some videos on YouTube I came across a slightly more challenging practice … because I tried to copy everything that «SKINNY» … it was David Swenson, doing Ashtanga. I ‘ve been practicing  Ashtanga for nearly 8 years, everyday on a very consistent an disciplined manner, with my master  Camino Diez, Ashtanga school in Lanzarote Canarias.

A group of friends demanding me some yoga classes, so I started with adults … but I realize that with only my knowlege practicing yoga was not enough, so I deceided to upgreed my knowlege going to India, Himalayas, Ranikhet. There I experienced the  essence of yoga from the roots and from the origin of it.

I studied intensively with the Sivananda school.  I decided to compromise myself to do my Sadhana and picked up the mantra that I would identified myself with. Ganesha mantra, and from this mantra I was named AMBA, that means mother Goddess.

Later my teacher gave me the opportunity to be her assistant in Ashtanga classes, the school Ashtanga Canaries. I also trained as a teacher for Prenatal Yoga in Madrid. Later I gave classes  at the Penitentiary of Tahiche, guys who were in the UTE group (Special Therapy Unit). That makes me perform myself on higher levels to work with prisoners.

2011 I studied Yoga for children in Om Shree Om School with Chritine Macrdle. So I started my first classes with children of 4-12 years. Then I taught teenagers IES Playa Honda and I graduated as Early childhood educator in Lanzarote. In 2012 finished to studied Therapeutic Yoga with the Spanish Association of Yoga Therapeutic-AEYT

I made different courses and retreats with renowned masters as Eddie Stern in Gran Canaria and David Curtis with Vinyasa Flow classes in Dublin.

In 2014 I studied Aereal Yoga with Witryh School, another wonderful experience to share.

I practiced with different teachers and I will continue doing to continue improving and sharing this rich discipline that has helped me to be present and aware in all the ups and downs of my life.

«Life has taught me the way to practice yoga to relax, how to find a solution to the concerns and stress. Yoga showed me the joys of being fit and strong. Yoga has taught me to self-reflect and accept life as it comes »

«Finally, yoga and meditation showed me that there is nothing to» find «and that everything I was looking for is’ right here, right now.» I will always be grateful to «the path of Yoga» and «process clarity «and the miracle that life in general.

Nowadas I have my Shala in Playa Honda where thanks to the perseverance of my students I’m growing  up as a  person and as a Yoga teacher.