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If you need more information about the Shala, schedules, activities, workshops, alternative therapies or private classes, contact Yoga with Amba through this form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

If youd prefer, you can call us or write to us on (+34) 690 19 36 55 or send an email to yogaconamba@gmail.com

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If you would like to use social media to contact us or also take a look at what we do at Yoga con Amba, you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn. You will be able to see the latest workshops and retreats, updates about the classes, and photos and videos to give you an idea of ​​what you can find at Yoga con Amba.

Yoga con Amba address – C/ Mayor 5, Local 10, (35509) Playa Honda, Lanzarote. Click on the map to find us.

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«A great professional, with classes for all levels and of different intensities. Personally, it feels great, not just physically but also mentally 🤩»

Luz Garcia

«Front-line professionals. It is a luxury to have such a professional team in Lanzarote! Comprehensive, varied classes, with more and less dynamic elements, meditations and events… Super happy with the service they provide. The events they organize are unmissable!»

Lina Lina

«The experience was wonderful!! By the sea with the sunset and the sound of the saxophone accompanying the good rhythm of the class. I would like to highlight the quality and professionalism of Paola, the yoga teacher, attentive to each of our movements, correcting the postures with detail and delicacy and adjusting to the needs of each one.»

Lidia Lima Lobato

«A very relaxing experience… I managed to sleep without interruptions and woke up much better! The teacher is great, always attentive and very professional. Thank you very much for the session. Highly recommended for anyone who suffers from stress and joint pain.»

Begoña Domínguez